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College is hard

Get more than a grade

Learn Smarter

FlashMonkey considers learning a first-class citizen and not an afterthought. Its algorithms employ the best learning methods found in recent research conducted at a top 5 university. You can use FlashMonkey in all your classes. From learning a new language, to studying art, math, and science. Now, not only can you earn more than a grade, you can be more efficient and get better grades too.

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Earn Cash

This is brilliant! Since you’re already creating study materials for your classes, then you might as well get paid for them. On FlashMonkey you're paid 100% of what you earned minus minor credit card company fees. And another thing, when you allow others to share your deck, you can continue to earn long after you’ve forgotten about the deck. This is known as "reoccurring revenue". Now you can literally earn while using the best algorithms for learning.

Be a Creator

With FlashMonkey, when you create, you earn verifiable credibility you can share. And if your smart, now you can create smarter. If you've ever lost track of what the professor is discussing because you were copying the white board, now you can create at the pace of the lecture. And not only that, quickly add whiteboard snapshots, lecture videos, and far more with just a few clicks or a drag of the mouse.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Organize Your Data

Have class materials scattered across your laptop, iPad, notebook, phone, internet and ...? Upload them all to FlashMonkey and keep it organized in one place. Finally, you don’t need to spend hours looking for that equation or biology chart – you can find your data in a matter of seconds even when offline.

Find in a Flash

Tired of sifting through endless useless and wrong information? With our search engine, find specific knowledge for your class, room number, professor, or university in seconds instead of hours. Also, FlashMonkey helps you make good decisions. Before you buy anything, you can see who created the deck, how many times it's been used, and the last time it was edited. Now you can be confident that you're not wasting money and time, and while everyone else is spending hours searching, you're done.

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